Why Certification

There are many benefits from obtaining certification to a chosen standard:

  1. Permits to operate will be granted on submission of a valid certificate
  2. Operation of your business will not be inhibited by non-compliance issues from government enforcement
  3. Insurance costs should decrease as a direct result of successful compliance with a relevant standard
  4. Guest satisfaction will increase if they can be assured of the safety of your attraction
  5. Your Sales & Marketing department and even local tourism and education boards will be able to promote your attraction as a safe place to have fun
  6. Your assets (attraction/s) will be protected due to the thorough employed and therefore will have a higher re-sale value
  7. Your staff will be more proficient at their jobs due to the competence regimes

There is a two-stage approach to cover all aspects of the chosen standard – before use and in-service.

Stage 1 – Initial Approval

This certification is a one-time process which qualifies the acceptance of the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Functionality of the attraction. Normally this work is carried out before the device is used for the first time but can be retro-fitted to a device that is currently in operation which does not have an initial approval certification.

Stage 2 – Through Examination Approval

This is a periodic certification process, normally annual, to qualify that the device is operationally compliant and therefore fit for continued use to the public. All reports, certificates and, other technical documentation will be inserted in the technical file of the attraction and will be updated whenever necessary. A sticker can be proudly placed on your attraction to display to all concerned that you are operating a currently compliant ride or device. You may also like to display information at your front-of-house or in promotional material to further emphasise your compliance with an internationally accepted safety standard.

Who will require Certification?

If you have purchased an amusement device and require the device to be accredited to an internationally accepted standard (e.g. compliance with EN13814), COMPLY can carry out a full Design Review and all other necessary and relevant inspections and certifications.

If you have an amusement device which is over one year old, COMPLY can carry out the necessary annual thorough inspections in order for the device to be in compliance with any relevant standard. If you have technicians and engineering personnel who must claim competence in order to inspect your amusement device on a periodic basis then, COMPLY can assist in training and development of all staff. If you have an amusement device which is operational but does not have all relevant inspections from the beginning of its service life, COMPLY can perform a retro-design study and produce the necessary documentation to ensure that all reasonable and practicable steps have been taken to ensure compliance.

If you are a designer, manufacturer, installer and/or importer of an amusement device, COMPLY can satisfy your inspection and certification requirements (pre-use & in-service) in order to ensure compliance to the relevant standard.